This blog post is created to use SAP HANA express edition using Azure. Primary purpose of this blog post is to get familiarized with SAP HANA. This post is targeted for system administrators.

Credit – Images/URLs used in this document are from Microsoft Azure portal available in public domain.

Create your Azure Account

You need to create your Azure account using your own email ID. Login to Azure Portal and create your account – https://portal.azure.com.

Create your free account (You need to give your credit card details)  – It will not be charged unless you cross the FREE limit

Create your VM with HANA Express

This step you will be creating the VM with HANA express edition preinstall image.

With this you need to select the required workload, disk, networking

Click on create resource – > Select server+application ->  Click on START WITH PRESET configuration

Select the HANA express edition Server+Application image.

Select General Purpose – > Click on CONTINUE to Create VM. This once is recommended for demo installation.

Select the VM options. You may want to create a new RESOURCE GROUP. Resource group is a virtual container where you would keep your created resources like VM etc.

Select the REGION ( it will change the pricing) .For this DEMO you would not need AVAILABILITY OPTION, so you can select no REDUNDANCY required

Select IMAGE & SIZE as shown

For security authentication. You need to select the PASSWORD authentication and give a Admin user and password for the same

Select DEFAULT DISK and NETWORK options


After successful installation it will show notification

You will see your VM created with the configuration you have given. You will see the Public IP address which is assigned to your newly created VM.

Configure your Hana environment

Once the VM is ready you will start configuring the Hana environment. For this you would need Putty to be installed on your local machine

From putty open the REMOTE system.

Follow steps to complete Hana Configuration using default password – HXEHana1

In the next screen you need to give password for all users (Recommend to keep same password for all users)

You will get message like this at the end

For XSA configuration you can see the status in the mentioned log file

You would need to configure your local hosts file with IP address of HANA demo system


See the XS APPS using this command


You may use regular HDB commands and cockpit manager for the administration activities. The Hana environment can be used to practice purpose and for learning.


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