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This blog is about what is DP Agent and how we can connected DP Agent with our HANA cloud data ware house.

We have below phases as part of this blog to cover DP agent installation and connectivity with cloud.

  1. Overview
  2. Installation of DP Agent
  3. Connectivity with cloud
  4. Register the adapter
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference

1. Overview:-

DP agent is called Data provisioning agent which is required to establish communication using SDI interfaces and adapters with SAP data ware house cloud.

You can install DP agent on any window or unix box since its required minimum hardware configuration.

2. Installation of DP Agent:-

Note:- You can check PAM for downloading the compatible version with your HANA cloud.

  • Download DPAGENT from SAP Service Marketplace.
  • Extract the SAR file using the following command SAPCAR -xvf  IMDB_DPAGENT200_04_0-80002267.SAR
  • Install DP Agent with sidadm:sapsys permission or run ./hdbinst with sidadm(db sidadm) user.
  • take installation path as /usr/sap/dataprovagent


3. Connectivity with cloud:-

Once installation completed you can connect DP agent with HANA cloud.

Note:- Ask your network team to white list HANA cloud host name on 443 port in your network.

like 443

once IP white list finished, you can telnet the same from the box on which DP agent is installed. As given in below screen shot Telnet is working succesfully.


Telnet HANA cloud hostname


  • Go to below path with dbsidadm
  • /usr/sap/dataprovagent/configTool then start dpagentconfigtool as given below:-
  • /usr/sap/dataprovagent/configTool> ./dpagentconfigtool

screen will open as given in below screen shot then click on start agent but as high lighted by yellow arrow:-



DP agent

  • once Agent started then click on connect to HANA button as per below screen shot:


Connect to HANA

  • after entering above details like HANA agent admin and Agent user details then click on connect. once it is connected then then register the ABAPAdapter as given below:-

4. Register the adapter: In the Adapters section, select ABAPAdapter and click on Register Adapter.

once it will be registered Deployed value will be changed to Yes and Registered with HANA value changes to Yes.

The adapter is successfully registered as per below screen shot:-



Adapter Registration


5. Conclusion:-

After following this blog you will be able to install DP agent and able to connect with HANA cloud.


6. References:-

For more information please refer to:-


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