With the SAP Enterprise Product Development 2105 release out, the specification exchange scenario for process industries – where product developers can collaborate with suppliers on provisional specifications – can be used with compositions. It is however a complex task to configure both the source system (e.g. SAP S/4HANA OP 2020) and the cloud system (SAP Enterprise Product Development, Collaboration capability), including the connection between the two.

To provide help in configuring and using the solution, we have created the following materials for you:

1. Web Assistant content

For each of the applications within the specification exchange scenario, we provide UI help in the form of Web Assistant. This means that when you click on the “?” icon in the upper right corner, you can read relevant information about the app and its elements.


Web Assistant content is available with the “?” icon

2. Information on the underlying APIs

There are several APIs responsible for providing information to the cloud system. To understand how these APIs are related and which entities they work with, we not only put general information on the API Hub, but have prepared detailed documentation with diagrams and explanations here:

Specification APIs for Recipe Development – SAP Help Portal


Diagram of the APIs taking part in the scenario

3. The most common problems

We have created a topic within the Administration Guide of SAP Enterprise Product Development where we collect the most common problems with configuring the scenario. If you encounter any problems during the setup, you may find some useful answers here:

Most Common Problems – SAP Help Portal

4. Video explanation

Last but not least, we have created a video about the necessary configuration steps in the source system. This is only one part of the administrator’s tasks, so more videos are likely to follow. You can watch this one here:

How to Set Up Provisional Specifications – Part 1 – SAP Media Share


In this blogpost, you’ve learned where to find useful information about the administrative tasks required for the specification exchange scenario. I hope these informative aides will help you to get the most out of the solution.

Feel free to provide feedback in the comments section, and I would like to encourage you to follow the “SAP Enterprise Product Development” tag and post your questions under the “PLM” tag.

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Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

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