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We know SAP FSM (Field Service Management) application provides Time Effort Rejection in FSM application using “Time and Material Journal” feature.

In case, if the client requirement is to reject all the time effort booked by technician in FSM application using S4 CATS_APPR_LITE T- code.

Here comes this blog post handy, let us see the approach to achieve “How to reject Time Effort booked by technician using FSM application to be rejected in S4 system”.

There are two ways to book Time Effort in SAP FSM Application

  1. Menu option -> Efforts -> Click on + option
  2. Activity -> ‘+’ Option -> Efforts

Now, let us see the functionality of time effort rejection using Cats_Appr_Lite Tcode

Step1: Technician books Time Effort in SAP FSM application

Step2: Time Effort replicated to S4 and visible in CATS_APPR_LITE t-code for approval/rejection

Step3: Supervisor decides to reject the time effort posted by technician due to incorrect duration

Go to CATS_APPR_LITE t-code and choose the entry to be rejected

Click on reject and add the comments for internal reference (Comments cannot be sent to FSM due to technical limitation with HR module)

Step4: An approval IDOC is triggered from S4 to FSM carrying the rejection status to FSM application

Step5: Technician will receive the push notification with required details (this is developed in FSM Cloud application using Business Rules)

For example

Note: overall two Business Rules should be developed in FSM application to support this process

  1. Business rule to notify technician when time effort rejected
  2. Business rule to reset approval status

Step6: Technician can edit the rejected time effort and make the necessary modification as per the supervisor review

Note: Idoc shows Decision status as DECLINED and the FSM application shows Approval Status as REQUEST, this mapping is done programmatically as per the need.

Step7: Save and synchronize to send the modified details back to S4

Technical procedure to achieve the time effort rejection in S4 system using PACG Connector (Proaxia connector)

We will be using FSM standard approval object to send rejected time efforts from S4 to FSM application

Step1: Maintain approval type in PACG connector

Goto to T-code /n/pacg/ec -> customizing -> objects -> Approval

Step2: Redefine the connector classes as per the requirement and the classes that needs to be redefined are as highlighted below.

These are the two classes that contains approval object related code, by redefining we customize the class as per the business requirement and replace the below standard classes in the PACG Connector @ tcode /PACG/ECM_CLSASSIG – FSM Connector’s Outgoing Messages Configuration

Also, this development is highly custom and will be suggested based on the architecture and need of requirement. By implementing this kind of customization, we must ensure the working of functionality every time the connector is coming with an upgrade. On a positive note SAP and Proaxia provided the flexibility to enhance as per the requirement without limiting the extension of product feature to customers need.


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