This blogpost will explain how you can customise your SAP ONE Support Launchpad Tiles into groups so that they can be accessed easily in a way that best suits you. 

The SAP ONE Support Launchpad is our one stop shop for support. All its features can be accessed through the tiles available on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad Homepage 

To get to the Homepage, click on the Home icon on the top-left corner of the page. 

As you can see in the following screenshot, there is a search bar at the top of the page to search for all available tiles. You can also filter the results by selecting “Display tiles available for my role”: 


To check the list of all the available tiles and their functions, please follow this link. 

Following your search, you will see both your original tiles and the new tiles which can be added, such as those marked in red in the screenshot above.  


Tile statuses:  

Assigned – displays a checkmark. 


Not assigned – displays a plus (+) sign.  


Not authorized – tile is greyed out. This means that your S-User ID is not authorised to activate this tile. You can click on the tile to contact one of the administrators on your account to request the authorization.  



How can I add a new tile? 

To add new tiles, you just need to click the “+” icon to add a tile to a Group. 


What group should I add my tiles to? 

You can choose any groups that will make accessing the tiles you need most, easiest for you: My Home, Welcome, Solutions/Incidents, SuccessFactors Solutions/Incidents, System Operations and Maintenance, SuccessFactors Administration..  

Once this is done, the check mark means the tile has successfully been added to a group allowing you to save precious time once spent searching for the different tiles!  


This blog post is based on the Knowledge Base Article 2348668 – How to activate (add) a tile from the tile catalogue – SAP ONE Support Launchpad  


Thank you for reading, we hope you found it useful. 


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Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

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