1. Log in to the tenant in Responsive UI
    1. Go to Visits
    1. Select Map view
    1. Here there is a option called “Locate Me” on the top right corner of the Map.
    1. When clicking on the option nothing happens


The Location Services is not enabled in that particular Windows device


Go to “Settings” on your system.


    • Select “Privacy” from the Settings Screen
    • Switch to “Location” Tab
    • Make changes to this screen. Please note that the Location button may be turned on, on your screen. Nevertheless, you have to click on Change” button.


    • If this option is Off on your system, change it to On. If this option is On, on your system, you still have to change it to Off and then On again
    • Click on Clear button
    • Close the Location settings screen
    • Go back to your IE browser and open “Internet Options”
    • Switch to “Privacy” tab. Under Locations sections, the checkbox “Never allow websites to request your physical location” should be unchecked. Now click on “Clear Sites” button. And then click on “Ok” button to close this Internet Options popup
    • Close all the tabs on your IE browser and restart the browser
    • Open the Map on the Cloud for Customer application and then click on Locate me button
    • IE browser will then say application wants to track your physical location. Click on “Option for this site” and then choose Always Allow
    • You will see an icon at the bottom bar as can be seen from this screen shot. This means your location services is working fine now
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