SAP Commissions provides a way to implement additional attributes called Extended Attributes in case one runs out of Generic Attributes available and cannot use Reporting attributes as they cannot be used during rule writing. This article details the steps in which they can be enabled.

Available Extended Attributes

In SAP Commissions, one can enable extended attributes for participants, positions, transactions, and orders. But the use of these attributes can affect calculation performance and pipeline may take more time to complete. SAP Commissions also warns the user of this impact when one tries to enable these attributes.


Warning from SAP Commissions

Below types of attributes are available while trying to enable Extended Attributes:

  • Extended attributes – generic string fields
  • Extended Numbers – fields that contain only numeric entries
  • Extended Dates – fields that contain only date entries
  • Extended Booleans – fields that contain only Boolean entries

Enabling Extended Attributes

Extended Attributes can be enabled through Customization workspace.


Customization workspace

There is an icon called “Add or Remove Extended Attributes” Once clicked on it, Commissions pops up a warning message related to the impact in performance upon their usage. After accepting the same, we get a small window where we can select which attributes and how many to enable.


Adding Extended Attributes

After re-login, we can see extended attributes in the workspace for which we enabled it.

In the Database, these Extended Attributes are stored in different tables in staging and in Commissions Repository. These tables can be used to query Extended Attributes in Database.

     Data Type Staging Table in Database Sales Table in Database
Participants cs_gastageparticipant cs_gaparticipant
Positions cs_gastageposition cs_gaposition
Transactions cs_gastagesalestransaction cs_gasalestransaction
Orders cs_gastagesalesorder cs_gasalesorder


Extended Attributes give users to store values and make use of the same in case there are no more Generic Attributes left to use. However, they have their own constraints w.r.t performance and should be used when there is no other option left.

References: SAP Help Portal

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