How to create versions of a sales quote

In this blog I am going to explain how to work with quote versions in ByDesign. With release 2008 we are delivering the possibility to create versions for an existing quote.

You can also take a look into this video

Use Case

When doing business with customers very often it is necessary to create a sales quote before closing the deal. Many times also negotiations or alternative quotes are needed. At the end the customer will decide which of the sales quotes he will accept and close the deal. Only then a sales order will be created.

Another use case we want to cover with this enhancement is when you need alternative items on a Sales Quote. For example, you want to offer alternative products. In ByDesign you create a version of the original Sales Quote.

In this blog I assume a sales quote has already been created and you just want to create a version out of it.

Go to the workcenter view “Sales Quotes” in Workcenter “New Business”.

Select the Sales Quote for which you would like to create a new version and click on “Follow-up” and “New Sales Quote”


A new screen for a Sales Quote will open.

The new Sales Quote contains the same data as the sales quote selected. You can now update the Sales Quote, for example you add additional line items to offer additional products or services. You can update any details. After making all changes needed, just click on “Submit”. So, it behaves like a very normal Sales Quote.

As you choose to create a Sales Quote Version the Sales Quote will be linked to the selected one. In addition, the original quote will be marked as “Master Quote”. The other one will be a version.


Using the filter, you can search for a specific master quote. You will get the master quote and all related versions.


Filtering all version to a master quote helps you with the further processing. First of all you get a very good overview of related documents. But you can also very easily and very fast close the quotes that are not needed any more. For this just click on “Actions” and “Reject”,


Reinhard Herbst

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