Working from home has become an intrinsic part of life for many people due to the pandemic. With restrictions in movement outdoors and physical distancing becoming the norm, remote working is the only choice left, and people have shifted their workspace to their home.

While highly sophisticated technologies and online video conferencing tools have made it easy for remote workers to collaborate and function efficiently with their teams, cloud-based technologies have made it possible for everyone to access documents anytime and anywhere.

As remote working and remote connections gain greater significance, the need for secure access to remote networks is also on the rise. Consequently today, it is hard to find people who ask what is VPN compared to a few years ago when accessing remote networks used to be the techies’ stronghold.

The ravaging pandemic has forced various radical changes on the work front. But to adapt to these changes and ensure that business continues smoothly, many enterprises are resorting to using SAP Business One.


What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is designed to automate core business operations such as finance, HR, operations, and more. The cloud version of SAP Business One makes it easier for small and even medium enterprises to function remotely with various built-in capabilities to handle diverse business needs.


SAP Business One and the current WFH model

Working in an all-remote setup does come with its initial hurdles. Keeping track of all business aspects and stakeholders can pose challenges too. However, with a comprehensive cloud ERP platform, like SAP Business One, organizations can tide over difficulties brought forth by remote working.


SAP Business One comes with a gamut of capabilities like –

1. Flexible built-in options

The SAP Business One platform comes with a flexible built-in option for deployment. It is very accessible and helps make the WFH transition of your business easier- you and your employees will be able to use this ERP solution from anywhere and at any time. SAP Business One is very flexible and relatively easy to use.

With this software, you will be able to store and access data from anywhere and at any time, which would help upgrade your business operations. By incorporating this software, you would neither have to make any changes in your IT system nor your cloud storage. Instead, you can concentrate on operation optimization by using the data gathered- it would be like you are working onsite.

The best part here is that you will enable the features and perform the upgrades independently, without any or very little assistance from the IT team.


2. Analytics storage and reporting

SAP Business One helps in easy analytics storage and reporting. For teams who have just started working from home, decision-making can get difficult due to limited access to the company’s resources. Waiting for higher management to send instructions and then following them is a time-consuming process that can reduce the company’s work productivity. But with SAP Business One, all the company employees can get relevant information without waiting for higher-ups to send it; this saves time and energy.

The data can be accessed in the cloud environment, and accurate, comprehensive reports are created. The software instantly stores all the data and makes it accessible to all the relevant stakeholders. With SAP Business One, you will create an interactive and intuitive dashboard that assists in sorting out the data, monitoring cash flow, and performing multiple other important organizational tasks.

With SAP Business One, you will not only be able to understand your data better but will also be able to view it from a different perspective. It is a visually appealing and easy-to-understand platform, where the workflow process becomes easier due even if the employees are working remotely from one another.


3. Management of sales and inventory

Businesses were dealt a huge blow on sales with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some businesses experienced a sudden increase in the demand for their products, while it went the other way around for others. It led a few companies to cease their operations permanently. Hence, without proper demand-supply management, businesses can get highly impacted. But when your business uses SAP Business One, you can expect your operations to continue smoothly.

The software helps you to keep track of sales and cash flow in a real-time situation. It integrates various important operational information like purchasing data, accounting, etc., to the cloud services, making it easier for the employees to make decisions. It helps to manage your business finances in a way that your company will continue making profits.

SAP Business One also helps in inventory management by recording stock levels and monitoring stock movements. With this software, you will no longer bear the risk of running out of any particular product. No matter how many warehouses or courier services you use, SAP Business One will display all the stocks on the dashboard for your convenience. It improves your delivery processes along with maintaining cost-efficiency.


4. CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is one of the most important functionalities offered by SAP Business One solution. In these challenging and dicey times, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with existing and potential customers. Your customers might get frustrated or angry with the situations at the moment, which can impact your business. The SAP Business One gives them a positive and helpful experience. It assists in engaging your existing customers along with attracting new ones. Responding to individual customer inquiries across multiple platforms, and boosting conversion rate manually, can be tedious. But SAP Business One automates the whole process making it easier, quicker, and more efficient.


Final words

The greatest advantage of the SAP Business One platform is that it helps organizations achieve impeccable efficiency, improve real-time responses and promote easier collaboration among remotely working teams, through advanced digital transformation. This application is also available in a mobile-friendly version that provides unlimited assistance anywhere and anytime on the go.

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Randa Khaled

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