In this series of blog posts, I would like to take you on a voyage of discovery and show you what is possible with SAP Landscape Management. Each blog post focuses on a specific topic and contains a video in which we present selected functionalities, partly visualized and partly in the form of a demo.

You can find a list of all topics covered in our overview post.

In this post you will learn what custom operations and custom hooks are and what you can do with them. You will also see how they help you customize SAP Landscape Management to your individual needs.

Video – SAP Landscape Management: How to Create Custom Operations and Custom Hooks

The following video explains the terms “custom operation” and “custom hook” and shows you how to create them in SAP Landscape Management, using examples. It clarifies the following questions:

  • What are custom operations and custom hooks?
  • How can I adapt SAP Landscape Management to my individual needs?
  • What can I do with provider definitions?
  • How can I create my own buttons in SAP Landscape Management?
  • How can I extend or replace predefined activities?
  • How can I add constraints to a custom hook?


Discover the enhancement possibilities

For more information about how you can extend SAP Landscape Management, visit our SAP Help Portal site or go directly to:

Automation Studio – Explore what options exist.

Custom Operations – Learn all about custom operations.

Custom Hooks – Deepen your knowledge about custom hooks.

Stay tuned!

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You will also find each post of this series collected in this link, once each post is published.

For feedback and clarification questions on my post, please feel welcome to post a comment. If you have specific questions regarding SAP Landscape Management, please visit the Q&A area and post your question there.

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