In Sales Performance Management Solutions, we often come across situations where we need to discard the already generated credits because of some changes in the Transaction or the reference data. In this blog, I will summaries how it can be achieved in in SAP Commissions.

  • Reset from Validate

If all the transactions in issue are present in one file/batch then full file or batch can be discarded through Reset from Validate run. The file name acts as the batchname for Reset from Validate. Reset from Validate process resets/deletes the data from Validate stage. It prepares the database to store new valid transaction data. However, it only works in full mode. One cannot run this reset in other processing modes.

  • Removing the position assignment for the impacted transactions

A credit rule determine how credits are allocated to Position Assignments. It tells Compensation Management which transactions, orders or rollable credits are to be operated on by a compensation plan during a Calculation process, and therefore which credits to consider when calculating compensation for each Position Assignment under that plan.

The position assignment from the transactions can be removed manually in SAP Commissions or through Data Loader Process (ODI). The combination of columns Orderid, LineNumber, SubLineNumber, EventType acts as the unique key to identify transactions. So earlier processed data can be sent to Commissions after removing the position assignment in the TransactionAssign ODI file. Since VnT (Validate and Transfer) process takes place in “New and Modified Transaction Data”, this will update the already processed data and remove the positions associated to them. When pipeline will execute, it won’t generate any credit again as there are no positions associated with the transactions.

  • Changes in the credit rules

This method require changes in the credits rules. A flag needs to be added in the condition which will let Commissions know whether to process the transactions or not. Any unused attribute can be used and added to the condition where the 0 value of the flag will mean process the transactions and any other value will mean ignore them.

So in case the credits generated for few transactions are to be discarded one can update that attribute value to any but 0 for those transactions and send it again to Commissions. The credit rules will ignore these transactions and won’t generate any credit for the same.

  • Balancing out using reverse credit

This way of discarding credits involve sending negative credits of the same value to Commissions to balance out the one generated earlier. It will nullify the already generated credits and one won’t see them in the final numbers. However, this method increases the number of the credits allocated to the positions. So should be avoided as per one’s compensation design.


Out of the four ways, any can be chosen to discard the already generated credits in SAP Commissions depending upon one’s compensation plan design.

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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