If we have learnt nothing else over the past 15 months, it is how critical supply chains are to running our business and that digitization of our supply chains and operations are critical to enabling resilient, customer centric, and sustainable enterprises.

And why is this? Because digitalized supply chains and operations handle disruptions better, faster, with less complexity, and at a lower cost than reactive value chains.

This will be the major theme of the supply chain track at this yearsSAPPHIRE NOW 2021 virtual event on June 8th.

We need the agility to respond to change

The faster you can sense and predict potential disruptions and unexpected events, the faster you can adapt and respond.

Unfortunately, today many companies still run in departmental silos.  The need is for a connected supply chain. Not just across departments within an organization, but with the ecosystem of customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics service providers and other partners. From the design of new, smarter products, through the manufacturing and delivery and ultimately, through the full lifecycle of the product in the field.

Companies need agility to sense, predict, and respond to protect them from disruption. And this only happens when you start eliminating the silos across your supply chain. Only when you can see the whole picture, you can plan holistically.

The productivity to better serve demanding customers

Customers are increasingly demanding individualized products at high quality. This, in turn, requires improved productivity and digitalization of your supply chain processes. By combining manufacturing automation with enterprise business execution, you can put Industry 4.0 to work company-wide, stay connected to your customers, integrated with your partners, and far ahead of your competition.

But no business can do business alone

More and more, businesses need the boundaries of their operation to slowly disappear. A truly resilient supply chain requires continuous collaboration and connectivity to the entire global ecosystem of entities you work with.

By providing multi-enterprise visibility, you are now able to align processes and decision making across your entire extended supply chain network.

And we must do it in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way

Driven by customer, regulatory, industry and shareholder demands, sustainability is top of mind for most companies. Our supply chains are both a huge contributor to environmental issues, and a huge opportunity to make improvements.  We must drive business practices that maximize reuse, and minimize waste across the entire design to operate gamut, while protecting the health and safety of your employees. And at the highest levels, reducing your carbon footprint to as close to zero as possible.

All of these topics will be at the forefront of the Digital Supply Chain agenda on June 8th.  You will hear from executives from companies such as Arla FoodsCargillCitrosucoContinentalDeLonghiE&J Gallo WineryNestleThe World Economic Forum and Zoox, who will discuss wide ranging topics like synchronized planning, industry 4.0, business networks and sustainability.

You can also join the social supply chain  discussion on TwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube using #SAPPHIRENOW.

To learn more, you can REGISTER for SAPPHIRE NOW for free, select your region and “Digital Supply Chain” as your primary track and select sessions from the agenda

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

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