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With SAP Hybris Marketing you can enable marketing experts to design their own landing pages without coding. You can:

    • Manage contact forms which store marketing opt-in & subscriptions (e.g. newsletter, event)


    • Add contact form fields like name, address etc.


    • Support for extensibility by append fields


    • Use Campaign ID for tracking the success


    • Set default values, display of read-only values & control field length


    • Restrict values for drop-downs (e.g. country DE, AU, CH only)


    • Hidden values e.g. country as fixed value


    • Reuse existing style sheets from websites


    • Automatically generate form HTML and Javacript code


    • Deploy subscription pages on websites and their application servers (e.g. PHP)


    • Out-of-the-box analytics: Views, Submits, New contacts with time range selection

So with SAP Hybris Marketing landing pages you can not only capture contact data but also free text customer requests and document downloads and use it for trigger-based follow-up campaignsSee the demo below to get more insights:

Deploying a landing page on your existing website or webshop requires access to your website administration and application server. When deploying the first landing page in the application server you need to provide the credentials and webservice endpoints to your Hybris marketing system.

Read this blog if you want to learn more on the options and technical steps to deploy a landing page…

Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio

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