Transformation requires the right vision on top but takes place bottom up. It is a huge process which break up silos, silos in mindset, structure (departments) and data. Business consulting is often coming in and companies fail later.


There are 3 layers in a company. First the board / upper management, second the middle management (departments like sales, marketing etc.) and third the base layer which is about the supporting layer.

Companies need to be more and more customer centric. While research often shows that 80% think they are, only 20% of customers think so. If the 1 layer wants to transform the company, they often fail. It is very difficult to change structure and mindset silos… and it needs huge time.

Much easier is it to solve data silos. We have different systems like a Marketing Cloud, a CRM, a DWH, a CDP, a… all are built for a dedicated use case and are great in doing so. There has be many tries to centralize data with different success when we think in direction of making data available cross-channel, cross-device, in real- and / or near-time while focusing on first-party data. Now, we have the first systems available to do this job.

With this system we can bring sales and marketing for example on the same data set. As a result, they gain the same (customer) mindset and start working together in the same direction more and more. Sounds easy, right?

So, the third layer did in this scenario an amazing job. He is setting the base for the first layer to get the transformation done and eliminate the different silos.

Time is running, let’s talk how I can help you within this process. It is not about expensive business consulting, it is about acting today. LET’S TALK.

Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

Author Since: November 19, 2020

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