You already know the SAP Help Portal as the place to get useful content to meet your needs. You’ve probably found SAP product-related help, configuration and setup information, videos, what’s new in our products, and more. Have you noticed some of the recent updates designed with your user experience in mind? Among these changes are bright colors, friendly images, and personalized content.

You can start personalizing your SAP Help Portal experience today to make it even easier for you to find your favorite content and products. It’s easy! Check out the intro video here.

Just log on with your SAP user to get started. And if you don’t have a user ID yet, you can create one quickly and easily, for free. Learn more.

What are the personalization features?

Several features are available to help you customize and enhance your SAP Help Portal experience.

Personal Information

Manage your profile, contact information, language, time zone, preferences, data, and more. With an SAP Universal ID, you can have one log on for all SAP sites.

My Favorite Products

Are you mostly interested in a few SAP products you use? Mark your favorite SAP products to easily find them, next time you visit. Your search results will also be pre-filtered to show content from your favorite products.

My Favorite Pages

Find a page you like or need to reference? Add it to your favorites to quickly find it again when you return.


From the homepage, you can easily see your browsing history, recent pages visited, and searches you’ve done on the SAP Help Portal. You can quickly visit recent pages and search again on your recent search terms.

Add your favorite products

To mark a product as a favorite, just select the star ☆ next to the product name on a product page or from the search results page.

Add your favorite pages

Just select the star ☆ next to the title of your favorite pages to mark the page as a favorite, so you can easily find it again later.  You’ll see your favorite pages listed on the SAP Help Portal home page.

See your favorites, history, and profile

You can find the pages and products you marked as your favorites, the pages you recently visited, and your recent search history, on the SAP Help Portal home page.

From the SAP Help Portal home page, select View All to see all your favorites and your history. You can rearrange your favorites and change the title of any of your favorite pages. Check out this video for more information.


Filter your search results

When you save your favorite products, your search results are pre-filtered to your selected products. Select the link in the message to clear the product filters.

Select the Products dropdown to see which products are selected. You can uncheck products or add favorite products to your filters. Simply search for a product name and select the star ☆ next to the product name to add it to your search criteria. Pretty cool, huh?

What do you need to do?

Not much. You need a free SAP account and log on to the SAP Help Portal. Easy, right?

Create or link an SAP user account

Either of these SAP user accounts will work:

  • SAP Universal ID (preferred)—for added features and a seamless experience across all SAP sites. It’s easy and free. Plus, keep your account for life, no matter where you go. Why wouldn’t you want one? Learn more.
  • SAP User ID (S-User or P-User)— You can also link your existing SAP ID to an SAP Universal ID.

Log on to the SAP Help Portal

Log on to the SAP Help Portal to start personalizing your experience. Give it a try!

What’s new on the SAP Help Portal?

We’re constantly working to improve your experience and adding new features to the SAP Help Portal. Every now and then, check out what’s new. Select What’s New on the top right of the page.

You’ll see the latest we’ve added to make your experience with the SAP Help Portal more productive and enjoyable.

We’d love your feedback

Visit the SAP Help Portal and try out these cool, new features to personalize your experience. Tell us what you think of these new features.

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Randa Khaled

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