As of H1 2021, the Configuration Center tool will allow to view, download and transport SAP SuccessFactors application configuration. The tool will be available post B2105 deployment.

It will allow transporting EC, Talent Management, People profile, and Qualtrics configurations between two instances. Configuration Center simplifies the user’s experience around configuring the change management process, viewing configurations, and supporting logging quality incidents when encountering any configuration issue. This feature can be beneficial for ongoing custom enhancements and retrofitting multiple instances.

UI: You can view all the SAP SuccessFactors configurations that are available in your tenant in a single view along with a business-oriented classification.It will view the username who made the change and the date and timestamp of the changes made.


  • Appropriate Provisioning module enablement
  • Appropriate RBP access: Admin access to MDF OData API
Configuration view, download and transport from Command Center

Configuration view, download, and transport from Command Center

Pairing the Source Tenant with the Target Tenant

To transfer configurations from one tenant to another, tenants are required to be paired. It’s a one-time task. Each pair of tenants always has a unique source-target relationship.


Identify the source and the target tenants in each pairing relationship.

  • Appropriate RBP

Main Difference between Instance sync and Configuration Center

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Known limitations:

Talent  Cross-Talent Configuration: Make sure not to have a rating scale and route map with the same name in the target tenant. Otherwise, it will get replaced with the transported one.



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