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SAP Bank Communication Management typically provides an update of payment, with an end- to- end tracking. There are two types of file formats ISO20022 Payment standards, XML and text.

  • XML structures are PAIN.001 formats
  • Text structures are MT formats

Payment status Reports are also of two types, such as the ISO20022 Payment standards, XML and text.

  • XML structures are PAIN.002 formats
  • Text structures are MT900 formats


This white paper explains how to design a solution when corporate (Banks) does not send back the references which are sent on MT101 (text format) in a payment status report.





Most of the Corporate (Banks) while sending the return message Payment status Reports, for a payment format MT101, on a return message MT900, do not give the reference sent on MT101 on tag :20.


Corporate (Banks) send their own reference instead of the reference sent on MT101.


ISO 20022 Payment and Status Flow

Source :- SWIFT

Structure of Payment Status Report


Payment Status Report XML structure

<InitgPty><Id><OrgId><BICOrBEI> Inclusion for proper placement of BICorBEI for sender of message
<InitgPty><Id><OrgId><Othr><SchmeNm><Cd> Changed note that Bank Id should not be BIC
  Updated Overview contents and code values
<OrgnlGrpInfAndSts><GrpSts> Updated Rule to include ACTC
<GrpHdr><InitgPty><OrgId><BICOrBEI> Updated Rule
<GrpHdr><InitgPty><OrgId><Othr><Id> Updated Rule
<OrgnlPmtInfAndSts><TxInfAndSts><OrgnlTxRef> Updated Rule
  Update of CGI-MP Logo and ‘Data Content Principle’
  Approved by CGI-MP Plenary
Removed Rows 174-176 which were duplicated entries  
  Added additional Reason Status codes to ‘Status Reason Codes’ tab
  Status Reason Codes content updated to reflect current External Code List content
<OrgnlPmtInfAndSts><TxInfAndSts><AcctSvcrRef> Updated Status to BD
<OrgnlPmtInfAndSts><TxInfAndSts><ClrSysRef> Updated Status to BD
Folder “Status Reason Codes” Removed folder, as the copied External Code List is outdated. Relevant tags in the message refer to the External Code List, which is published on the ISO 20022 website.

Content of the Payment Status Report

In SAP, payments batches are identified based on the reference field “RENUM” table “REGUT”. Reference of payment batch is available on MT101 payment in tag :20:

Business Requirement

The payment processed through SAP payment program (F110 or F111) and payment file (ISO 20022 XML or MT101) are to be processed, end-to-end as an automated process. Due to certain restriction from the bank side in providing the reference, sent on tag:20: on a MT101,  the system should be able to process the status update in Bank Monitor.


MT900 Sample with bank reference number







:52D:Test vendor Demo.

201 Test Street,Demo

Demo system




SAP Solutions

New Z proxy “ZII_BNK_CPAY_ORD_NOTIFICATION’ a copy of standard proxy II_BNK_CPAY_ORD_NOTIFICATION. Following logic to be implemented


  1. From the MT900 file pick the value from <PaymentOrderNotification>
    <ID> (please highlighted above in colour)
  2. Go to table “BNK_BATCH_ITEM” and pass the value picked from <PaymentOrderNotification>
    <ID> (payment end to end ID)

      3. Pick up the value in the field “BATCH_NO”

  1. Go to structure “FPAYHX” field name “RENUM”
  2. Pass the merge date “LAUFD” and merge ID “LAUFI”
  3. Pick the message number from structure “FPAYHX” field name “RENUM” and update tab <ID> in <message header>collectivePaymentorderNotification>

<ID> 0000018716</ID>

  1. Updated MT900 to be processes in SPROXY “CollectivePaymentOrderNotification_In”



The SAP system is built intelligently and is best utilized so that the payment batches are automatically processed when the Corporate (Banks) do not send the reference sent on tag:20: of MT101 in return message MT900.



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