With SAPPHIRE NOW kicking off on June 2nd. I wanted to share a list of my top session picks with you, our business leaders. If you’re looking for ways that technology can help your business become more agile and resilient by improving how you digitally collaborate with your network of trading partners, you won’t want to miss our business network sessions.

Before I jump into my top business network session picks, be sure to join us for our global kickoff on June 2, 2021 at 10:00AM EDT. Register for it online today.

Following our global kickoff, we have custom tracks designed for your interests. You’ll want to join our Procurement and Supply Chain tracks for business network focused topics.

Now back to my top session picks. You can learn more about each session by clicking the links below.

SAP’s Vision: Create New Business Value with a Unified Business Network  

A unified business network is greater than the sum of the individual businesses. It extends collaboration across customers, suppliers, logistics providers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders — cross company and across company borders. Join this session and hear from SAP leaders on the importance of a business network and planned innovations. 

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Explore Successful Network Collaboration from the Supplier’s Perspective  

Hear Nortel Networks Corporation and Reliper Comercial Ltda. share their perspectives on best practices for customer collaboration. Learn how they deliver better experiences for their customers using the trading partner portalAdd it to your calendar

Learn How Collaboration Led to an Improved UI for Direct Material Suppliers  

Hear Compagnie Financière Richemont SA describe its experience as an early adopter of our new trading partner portal and workbench. Find out how testing and feedback from their suppliers helped our product team refine the new collaboration capabilities for all direct material suppliers. Add it to your calendar

Improve Trading Partner Collaboration by Delivering Exceptional Experiences  

Collaborate in real time with your trading partners using an innovative business-to-business network. Deliver a personalized experience that streamlines onboarding and task completion with SAP Business Network. Achieve new efficiencies when processing and collaborating on orders, sending invoices, and responding to new business opportunities. Add it to your calendar

Discover Actionable Tips for Better Supplier Management in Uncertain Times  

Manage the continuous shifts in today’s global supply chains. Empower your procurement team to innovate with what they have to track supplier lifecycles, gain new insights, and proactively mitigate risks. Equip yourself with proven tips for taking your supplier management program to the next level. Add it to your calendar

Get Supplier Collaboration Tips from Supply Chain Business Network Leaders  

Strengthen your relationships with external manufacturers and suppliers of direct materials by running your supply chain collaboration processes on business networks. Take advantage of the comprehensive collaborative process support, back-end integration, industry use case support, intelligence, and global scale that business networks can provide. Add it to your calendar

Drive Savings and Innovation in Your Midsize Company with Agile Procurement  

Make intelligent procurement decisions in the face of tightening budgets and keep your midsize business moving no matter what comes next. Pinpoint opportunities for innovation and cost savings, heighten efficiency, and adapt rapidly to sudden changes. Discover how to do it all with agile procurement solutions from SAP. Add it to your calendar

Operate In A New Reality With A Unified, Collaborative, Intelligent Network  

Find out how you can succeed in a changed business landscape by taking advantage of a unified, collaborative, and intelligent network that extends collaboration to all your trading partners. Learn about our strategy and solutions that can support your goals in this new reality. Add it to your calendar

Transform Today’s Fragmented Supply Chains with Cross-Network Innovation  

Discover innovations that can help you operate more efficiently with your network of trading partners. Use SAP Business Network to achieve a centralized view of all your trading partners. Learn how SAP Business Network can help you locate your order, see whether your asset-maintenance work is completed, and fulfill similar needs. Add it to your calendar

Supplier Collaboration Across Industries  

Join this session to hear how leading procurement and supply chain practitioners are transforming their source to pay processes with digitalized supplier collaboration. Gain best practices in building the case for transformation, planning your journey, and prioritizing suppliers and business units in the journey. Add it to your calendar

Leveraging Business Networks to Build a Resilient Global Supply Chain  

Join experts as they discuss and answer questions about the integration of the SAP Logistics Business Network, SAP Asset Intelligence Network, and Ariba Network into a unified business network. Our team will also share how to use this network to eliminate latency, align with business partners, and source responsibly while ensuring traceability. Add it to your calendar

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