SAP Mobile Cards enables you to share data from virtually any back end to iOS and Android devices in a mobile-friendly format. Mobile Cards enable companies to quickly create simple, yet highly valuable, quick-win apps.

The process of creating Mobile Cards is now simpler with the use of boosters. You can now select, configure, and consume services using a set of guided interactive steps.

Let’s use boosters to build a wallet style mobile app that includes sample Basic and Sales Order cards.

  • The basic card is used to understand card functionality and features.
  • The sales order card can be used by a sales manager to view sales details on the go.

Let’s get started:

1. Go to SAP Cloud Platform Trial and click Logon.

    Note: If you don’t have an SAP Cloud Platform Trial account, follow this tutorial.

2. Choose Enter Your Trial Account.

3. Choose Boosters on the left pane.


4. On the Boosters page, click the dropdown menu choose Mobile > Build a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards and select Start.

5. On the Build a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards page, choose Nextonce the automatic prerequisite check is done.

6. Choose the Subaccount and Space from the dropdown menu and choose Next


  • If you are using boosters for the first time, you must first choose the Initialize Mobile Card option that appears on the screen.
    You can follow this tutorial for details.
  • For a production account, choose the configured sub-account and space where you want to deploy the app.
  • You may have to enable entitlements for production accounts.

7. Choose Basic Mobile Card Template and Sample Sales Order Template and then choose    Next.

8. Enter a unique card Name for each of the cards and choose Next.

9. Choose Finish to create the cards.

10. On successful creation, registration QR codes for iOS and Android devices are displayed:

  • The code to the left is for downloading the mobile cards app.
  • The code to the right is for registering mobile cards created using boosters.

11. Use your phone camera to scan the QR code.

12. Choose Open to launch the SAP Mobile Cards app on your device.

13. Enter your SAP Cloud Platform credentials and choose Log On to authenticate.

14. Set your passcode. You have now connected your SAP Mobile Cards client with your SAP Cloud Platform account.

15. You can view the Basic card which explains the card template

16. You can view the Sales order card which briefs the sales details on your phone as shown below.

For more SAP Mobile Cards tutorials, please click here.

To access SAP Mobile Cards documentation, click here.

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Randa Khaled

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