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In this blog you will learn about how to configure alerts in NWA

What is an alert?

An alert is a notification that there is a failure/error in system and action needs to be taken to resolve that failure/error.

We can configure alerts through Integration builder as well as SAP NWA.

I observed that creating a common alert rule in Integration builder for all interfaces at once is a tedious process.

That’s why we opted for configuring through NWA.

Alert configuration path in NWA:

Go to SAP NWA->SOA->Monitoring->Message alert Configuration

Here you create new alert rule select all components,all error sources and you can also select all ico’s at once which is not possible if you create alertrule in Integration builder.

You need to add every single ico in ID to do this.

We select consumer as “ALERT-TO-MAIL” so that we can receive alerts to our mail

Below you can find Common Procedure for Alert configuration through NWA as well as integration builder:

Configure java mail client in SAP NWA->configuration->infrastructure->java system properties.

Java mail client configuration:

Go to services tab and search for java mail client

Select properties tab and make sure that mail.from,mail.smtp.host,mail.smtp.password,mail.smtp.user are set.

Set those properties if you have access otherwise reach out to basis team to set those properties

Create task in javascheduler that runs batch jobs periodically generating alert mails

Task creation:

Go to SAP NWA->operations->jobs->Java Scheduler

Go to Tasks,Add new task and select AlertConsumerJob.

Specify mail.from and mail.to.

Check SuppressAlerts ,AggregateAlerts according to your requirement.

Next comes the timeperiod and frequency of job.We usually set frequency to be every 5 minutes.

By default,retention period will be sent to 23 days and you can modify retention period to 7 days.

We can check executed jobs under jobs tab

I hope this information helps you


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