In this blog post, I would like to explain about Service Manager in Visual Studio Code. Service Manager is a feature which is available in a Service Modeler. Normally we use Service Manager while working with services.


Features of Service Manager

  • We can add OData service
  • We can sync the metadata and annotation file.



Sap Fiori tools – Service Modeler extension should be enabled (or installed).


Let’s Start

First create the UI5 application in vscode. At the time of application creation, we can consume OData service by providing service url , so that service configuration will be done automatically in manifest and destination configuration  in ui5.yaml file .


  1. How to add multiple Services.

Step 1 :

We can open Service Manager as bellow.

From the File Explorer in your project, navigate to webapp->manifest.json

Right click on manifest file ->click on open Service Manager.


Step 2 :

Service Manager page will display as bellow .Later click on Add Service button.


Step 3 :

Provide full path of OData service (service URL).

Then enter client Username and Password.

Finally click on Add button. Now OData service is successfully added.


Step 4:

Data source configuration and model creation will be done automatically. We can check in manifest.json file. Also corresponding metadata.xml file will be created under local service.



dataSource configuration.




Model creation.




Metadata.xml file for corresponding added service


Step 5:

Configuring the destination (Proxy) in UI5.yaml file.


path: – Represents starting path means  uri  provided in manifest must start with this path .

url  :- Represents source URL ex :- http://180.8.6:6098


Step 6:

We can bind the OData service to view or in controller with the help of model.


  1. How to sync the metadata and annotation file.


Why we have to sync the metadata?

Suppose we have extended the OData service in backend by adding properties to entity type or created new entity set for existing OData service .At this point the metadata will get change. So in order to update the metadata.xml or annotation (if we are using external annotation or CDS) present in the ui5 application, we need to sync the OData service. Otherwise we have to update metadata.xml file manually.


Step 1:

Open service manager by right click on manifest file ->click on open Service Manager. Then click on sync button.


Step 2:

Provide client username and password.

Finally click on sync button. Metadata and annotation file will automatically get   updated. We can check it in metadata.xml and annotation.xml file.



In this blog post, we have learnt about how to add multiple OData service and syncing metadata file. Service Manger is a good feature available in Visual Studio Code via Fiori Tools Extension Pack.


Hope this blog is very helpful ,thanks for reading.


Randa Khaled

Randa Khaled

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