ℹ Note: the following information is relevant to SAP Hybris Marketing (On Premise installations) 1605 and older. This information is no longer relevant for the latest releases of SAP Marketing

Sometimes a customer will need a custom tile to show up on the home page of their SAP Hybris Marketing system.

This tile could point to an external (non-SAP) system that the customer uses daily, or it could point to a different SAP system that isn’t part of SAP Hybris Marketing.

In order to facilitate their workflow and allow them to have access to everything in the same place, one option would be to add a tile to the SAP Hybris Marketing home screen:

To add a custom tile to the home screen, you can do the following:

Launchpad Customizing


    1. Start Launchpad Customizing (transaction LPD_CUST)


    1. Select the relevant launchpad Role and Instance. For standard SAP Hybris Marketing, select HPA/CUAN.


    1. Click Change.


    1. In the left pane, select Home, and click New Application in the top menu.


    1. In the right pane, enter the following information:
        1. Link Text: the text you would like to be on the new custom tile, in the example below, we used “Consumer Insight 365”
        1. Application Type: URL
        1. URL: the full URL that will be opened when the user clicks the tile. in the example below we used https://www.sapconsumerinsight365.com
        1. Click Show Advanced (Optional) Parameters
        1. Application Alias: type in a meaningful alias, remember it as you will need it later. In the example below we used “CI365”
        1. Target App. Parameters: ICON=sap-icon://<your_icon> (refer to the SAP Icon Explorer for a list of all available icons)
        1. Additional Information: EXTERNAL


    1. Save your configuration


Maintain PFCG Role

To decide which users will have access to this new tile, you can create a new PFCG role or change an existing one, as follows:

    1. Use the Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG) to create (or to change) a PFCG role.


    1. Choose Role → Create → Role.


    1. On the Menu tab, select External Launch from Homescreen folder in the left pane and click on New Folder.


    1. Enter Folder Name: Enter the tile title and click OK (this should match he text you would like to be on the new custom tile).


    1. Select the newly created folder and click on Other Node Details in the menu.


    1. In Other Node Details, enter Application Alias: This should be the same application alias we selected before, in this example this is “CI365”


    1. Optionally assign this new role to users in the User tab, or include it as part of a composite role already assigned to some users.


    1. Save your work.


    1. Once saved, the users that have the new role assigned, will see the new custom tile in their SAP Hybris Marketing home screen.

Thank You for reading and hopefully you can make a good use of the information above in your area. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for improvement as any ideas are welcome.

Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio

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